Hossein Salehian

CEO of “Hiva Industrial Robot Technology Development co”, (knowledge Base).

As a Senior Robotics and Manufacturing Engineer, also an entrepreneur in the field of industrial machines design, have been involved in different industrial, research, academic and business activities in two interesting fields, manufacturing processes and industrial automation for more than 12 years

Extensive academic and work experience in special industrial machine design and industrial automation, with the strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

My enthusiasm for learning and discovering new aspects in the fields related to my experiences has been increasing gradually especially in the fields of Digital Manufacturing as well as additive manufacturing.

I am interested in solving challenges of implementing new industrial automation and Manufacturing systems and study and research on additive manufacturing.

Familiar with Technology management, AI, deep learning, data mining, big data & Industry 4.0.

(Additive manufacturing (3DP .

. Mechatronics systems

Industrial Automation

Robotics and control

Design of CNC machines and special machines

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)



Bachelor of Science in Robotics Engineering
• 2003-2008, at Shahrood University of Technology Shahrood/Iran
Thesis Title: Design and manufacture of a 6 DOF Robot arm for Educational Application.
B.Sc. GPA: 14/20



Diploma in Mathematics and Physics
• 1999-2003, at NODET (National Organization for Development of Talents) high school Semnan/Iran.
GPA: 17/20

Co-Funder & CEO of “Hiva Industrial Robot Technology Development co”, (knowledge Base).
Designer and Manufacturer of CNC machines and Special machines.
August 2009-peresent, Semnan/Iran.

R&D Project Manager at “Oghab Afshan co”, Manufacturer of SCANIA buses in Iran.
June 2016-june 2018, Semnan/Iran.

Senior Technical Trainer at “Qeshm Voltage co”, SIEMENS Official Authorized Distributer in Iran. (Knowledge Base)
2006-2016, Tehran/Iran.

Technical Consultant at “FARDA co”, Automotive Manufacturing in Iran.
August 2014-December 2014, Semnan/Iran.

R&D Engineer Intern Position at “Parizan Sanat co”, Manufacturer of garage equipment and car diagnostic systems in Iran.
June 2007-Septamber 2007, Semnan/Iran

  • Journal Papers:

H. Salehian, “PLM (Products Lifecycle Management)”, in Journal of AI, automation & instrumentation, vol.2, No.3, Sept.2008


  • Conference Papers:

• H. Salehian, E. Fadaie Eslam, M. Aliani,” Study of Design, Manufacture and Kinematic Analysis of Palletizing Robot”, Iran’s 3th International Conference on Industrial Automation, Sharif University of Technology, Accepted for oral presentation, Tehran, Iran, October 2011.

H. Salehian, N. Sepehry, A. Bastany,” PLM as linkage process in a system engineering framework”, Iran’s First International Conference on Industrial Automation, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, October 2009

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